Cambodia 2014 by Derek Sivers

If you've been thinking about starting a business in Cambodia, the Wood Egg Cambodia startup guide will be your go-to reference manual.
Each year we hire 3 researchers (at least one local and one foreigner who live in Cambodia), a native English-speaking in-country writer, and an editor, to bring you insights from multiple perspectives.

Our researchers spend over 200 hours interviewing local business people, politicians, and citizens who regular foreigners would never have access to. This is 200+ hours you will save to hit the ground running. (Bonus: When you register your eBook at you get access to all of our raw research and interviews.)

In the 2014 Wood Egg Cambodia startup guide you will learn:

* What should you prioritize when starting your business in Cambodia. Note: it has nothing to do with business. (Page 181)
* Which businesses a foreigner should never get involved in. (Page 183)
* The 3 most difficult aspects of doing business in Cambodia and how to deal with them. (Page 242)
* How to find (and keep) top talent in Cambodia. (Page 291)
* Get our personal list of the top 5 English-speaking accountants who will be sure your business follows all of Cambodia's confusing tax laws. (Page 273)
* The top 6 strategies local businesses use for marketing. (Page 335)
* How to jump through red tape and get your business bank account set up properly. (Page 317)
* How to think like a local so you don't offend locals and ruin your business before you even begin. (Page 48)
* Where to live (including specific building and neighborhood recommendations) to put you and your business in the best position for success. (Page 131)
* The coming 2015 transition that many Cambodians are worried about and why it doesn't matter for you. (Page 10)

All of this along with hundreds of other insights. All told you'll get the painstakingly researched answers to over 200 questions about country, culture, life, and business in Cambodia.
If you're looking to do business in Cambodia you won't find a more complete, up-to-date, guide.

Book Details
Title: Cambodia 2014: New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in Cambodia
Author: Derek Sivers
Publisher: Wood Egg LLC
Length: 284 pages
Language: English
File Size (Kindle): 1245 KB


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