30 Exotic Cambodian Recipes by Martha Stone

Are you looking for new and unique Cambodian recipes to use at home?
Do you want a different taste sensation to enjoy?

Cambodian cooking uses many foods that will be new to you. They make dishes like amok, with a type of catfish, which they steam in a coconut-based curry. Small fish like Trey Dang Dau are common and are often prepared by deep-frying. While fish are the most common “meat” in Cambodian dishes, chicken and pork are used, as well.
Would you like to include Cambodian flair in your at-home recipes?
We’ll show you how that’s done.
This cookbook includes many kinds of dishes created with Cambodian ingredients or similar ingredients that are easier to find in your local area.
From lunch to dinner, to side dishes and appetizers, we are sharing 30 Cambodian recipes in one E-book. This cookbook sets you on the right path to exotic dishes you can make at home. Your family and friends will love them. Try a few of these recipes soon!

Book Details
Title: 30 Exotic Cambodian Recipes
Author: Martha Stone
ISBN-10: 1981750355
ISBN-13: 978-1981750351
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Length: 76 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.20 inches
Weight: 5.9 ounces
File Size (Kindle): 3604 KB


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