Cambodia Basics - 101 Tips by Kay McMahon

This short book consists of a large collection of tips (more than just 101) to help visitors to Cambodia find their feet on arrival.
The author has lived in Asia since 1989 and has been visiting Cambodia since 2006. This book is based on her personal experience and on-the-ground research.

This book is not a guide to the individual sights and tourist attractions; there are plenty of ordinary guide books for that sort of thing. Instead, it focuses on the useful stuff that helps you enjoy, rather than endure, your visit to Cambodia - a country that's just starting to emerge from the dark days of civil war and the horrors of Khmer Rouge rule.
As well as information generally applicable throughout Cambodia, there are sections on Siem Reap, the country's major tourist destination and the gateway to the magnificent Angkor Wat temple complex, and on Phnom Penh, the capital.

It covers things like:
• Getting around: What's the best way to get from the airport on arrival? Can you go overland from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap? Are the tuk-tuks safe?
• Places to eat, drink and sleep - and one or two places to avoid
• Tourism: How to make the most of a visit to Angkor Wat
• Health: Are medicines generally available? How safe are the hospitals? What about health insurance?
• Staying safe: How to avoid falling foul of the law, getting ripped off or upsetting your Cambodian hosts
• Poverty: Cambodia's one of Asia's poorest countries, a fact which confronts you at every turn. What do you do when asked for money - whether it's by a beggar or by an orphanage?
For all Cambodia's undoubted attractions, its tourism industry is in its infancy and its infrastructure is patchy. This book can help you smooth over the rough edges and enjoy a visit to this hospitable and charming country.

Book Details
Title: Cambodia Basics - 101 Tips
Author: Kay McMahon
Publisher: Ergo Guides
Length: 56 pages
Language: English
File Size (Kindle): 2102 KB


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