How to survive retirement in South East Asia by Bill Dean

You've reached the end of your working life and you're planning your retirement in South-East Asia. You've enjoyed your holidays there, with enjoyed the year-round warm climate, the beaches, the food, the people - and a cost-of-living where your home currency goes a lot, lot further - at least that's your hope.

This book is about how to survive that retirement. You will be a stranger in a strange land. What are the practical things you need to know. This is not a book about the culture of the countries in South East Asia. For that you should read excellent guides such as those in the Culture Shock series.

The four concepts I'll be discussing are:
1. Friends (and foes)
2. Sickness and health
3. Money
4. Setting up home

Book Details
Title: How to survive retirement in South East Asia
Author: Bill Dean
Length: 25 pages
Language: English
File Size (Kindle): 319 KB


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