Live and Retire in Cambodia The Easy Way by Ken Silver

Cambodia is the new Thailand! The hottest new country in Southeast Asia! With Thailand caught up in an endless cycle of military coups, rising prices, and worst of all, rising unfriendliness towards low budget tourism,more and more travelers are heading first to Cambodia!. Written especially for those interested in Cambodia's beautiful,friendly,and available women; this is also a comprehensive, very enjoyable to read, photo filled guide to traveling, moving to, and retiring to Cambodia.

Ordinary citizens of the United States - and to a lesser extent, Europe - are caught in a crisis both economic and personal. The cost of living rises with each month, at the same time the quality of life declines.
We must find a better way to live! Cambodia offers a safe, cheap, warm, friendly, exciting, fascinating place for you to live.
Don't be ground down by life in the United States! Escape winters!
Take action! Read this book!
It is one of a series of books I have written on the "best, last, most warm and welcoming region in the world -Southeast Asia".
This is my first book on a specific country. Cambodia! The country which has risen from the ashes of civil war so completely that the Tourist Authority of Thailand publicly admits Thailand is in danger of losing its tourists to Cambodia!
See for yourself why this is so. Beautiful beaches, coastlines, magnificent temples, a wonderfully cheap cost of comfortable living, friendly people and beautiful women looking for a better life; all await you!
Even if it is just for a visit, this book will help you go for it now!


Book Details
Title: Live and Retire in Cambodia The Easy Way
Author: Ken Silver
Length: 140 pages
Language: English
File Size (Kindle): 2378 KB


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