A Dictionary of Angkorian Khmer by Philip N. Jenner

A thousand years of Cambodian epigraphy - from the 7th Century to the 15th - come to life in this handsome hardbound set.

Jenner dissects every single word from more than 1,100 inscriptions, tracing etymologies back to Sanskrit and Pali and forward to modern Khmer and Thai. Jenner draws on a century of French and Cambodian scholarship - never translated into English - as well as his own authoritative translation of the Old Khmer texts to produce an unparalleled reference to the complete corpus of Cambodian inscriptions. This Angkorian dictionary representing thirty years' labor, reflects the author's orientation on linguistics. It benefits from close grammatical descriptions of each text in a corpus nearly complete as of the year 2000 and from the pioneer work of the author's French and Khmer predecessors and colleagues. It is hoped that it will prove a tool useful to scholars and students wishing to understand the meaning and structure of the inscriptions of the period.

Book Details
Title: A Dictionary of Angkorian Khmer
Author: Philip N. Jenner
ISBN-10: 0858835967
ISBN-13: 978-0858835962
Publisher: Australian National University
Length: 778 pages
Language: English
Weight: 3.2 pounds


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