Cambodian Advanced Transcription Course by Robert K. Headley and Rath Chim

The purpose of this course is to provide practice in aural comprehension and transcription of relatively difficult Cambodian material. It is expected that candidates for this course have successfully completed a basic Cambodian course, specifically the Dunwoody Press Cambodian Intensive Basic Course, and have had some additional experience in listening to and using the spoken language. The course begins with fairly easy material and progresses to Level 3 and 3+ material.

The material has been selected from Cambodian radio news broadcasts, interviews, and commentaries as well as from studio recordings of conversations on a variety of topics. The style of language varies from carefully enunciated Standard Cambodian to the colloquial spoken language and includes royal and religious vocabulary. There are a total of 36 main selections, a short glossary of new or difficult forms, notes, exercises, and 15 graded supplemental lessons to provide the instructor with additional level 2, 3, and level 3 + to 4 materials. The exercises may involve filling in the correct Cambodian word in a skeletonized version of the selection, transcribing all or a portion of the selection, answering questions about the selection, and composing sentences or short paragraphs in Cambodian.

Book Details
Title: Cambodian Advanced Transcription Course
Author: Robert K. Headley and Rath Chim
ISBN-10: 1881265641
ISBN-13: 978-1881265641
Publisher: Dunwoody Press
Length: 481 pages
Language: English
Weight: 1.7 pounds


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