Speak Cambodian by Sreymom Kay and CJ Smith

Visiting or moving to Cambodia?
Speak Cambodian is the perfect companion to get you speaking the Cambodian (Khmer) language.

Speak Cambodian contains the essential words and phrases to get you started, using a code colour system so you can learn words and phrases at the same time. Achievable and extensively field-tested in Cambodia for accuracy, Speak Cambodian is designed for you to get rapid results.

If you learn the contents of this short book, you will know more Khmer than many of the resident expats in Cambodia, and have a much better experience. Speak Cambodian is designed to help you in cafes, bars, at the market, and getting around e.g. giving directions on tuk tuk. Most importantly, you will be able to share and joke with the Cambodian people, surely the friendliest people you will ever meet. Enjoy. Good luck. Please leave a review or contact us with feedback. Thank you!

Book Details
Title: Speak Cambodian
Author: Sreymom Kay and CJ Smith
Length: 8 pages
Language: English
File Size (Kindle): 522 KB


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