Svay: A Khmer Village in Cambodia by May Mayko Ebihara and Andrew C. Mertha

May Mayko Ebihara (1934–2005) was the first American anthropologist to conduct ethnographic research in Cambodia. Svay provides a remarkably detailed picture of individual villagers and of Khmer social structure and kinship, agriculture, politics, and religion. The world Ebihara described would soon be shattered by Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.

Fifty percent of the villagers perished in the reign of terror, including those who had been Ebihara's adoptive parents and grandparents during her fieldwork. Never before published as a book, Ebihara's dissertation served as the foundation for much of our subsequent understanding of Cambodian history, society, and politics.

Book Details
Title: Svay: A Khmer Village in Cambodia
Author: May Mayko Ebihara and Andrew C. Mertha
ISBN-10: 1501715119
ISBN-13: 978-1501715112
Publisher: Southeast Asia Program Publications
Length: 364 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7.2 x 10 x 1 inches
Weight: 1.9 ounces
File Size (Kindle): 9976 KB


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  • Lois de Menil
    Lois de Menil Sunday, 18 March 2018 18:01 Comment Link

    That is simply an error in posting. Andy did not "author" the book, but he was a serious editor. And he wrote a thoughtful Forward to the published text. He deserves acknowledgement. Judy Ledgerwood , the author's friend and colleague, wrote he Introduction.

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