For the cooking enthusiast or food lover, discover the exotic tastes of this Southeast Asian nation. Authentic Cambodian recipes and classic dishes. Experience the flavors of real Cambodian food, whether that be a tasty noodle soup or a spicy Khmer curry.

Ambarella: Cambodian Cuisine by Sorey Long and Kanika Linden

Ambarella was born out of love: the love of food, of sharing, and of spending time together as mother and daughter.
In our family, food has the power to express emotions we sometimes find hard to communicate. The book started as a conversation about family recipes. Scents and flavours triggered memories and long forgotten emotions which came tumbling back from the past.


A Cambodian Cookbook by Joanna S. Duong

Selected popular dishes from the Kitchen of Angkor Wat Restaurant San Francisco 1983 - 2000.

The effort to share an adventure in cooking Asian food is sometimes challenging, but one always can depict the exotic sights, the smells of spices and herbs, and the flavors that can move a person from one place to another.


A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine by Demaz Baker

Demaz Tep Baker was born in Cambodia and came to the United States in 1976, basing herself in the Washington, D.C. area. After a few years in private industry, she joined the federal government. At the same time, she went back to school at nights and obtained her bachelor's and master's degrees. Demaz retired from the government in 2004 but was soon re-hired by another agency where she has been working until the present day.


The Food & Cooking of Cambodia by Ghillie Basan

Over 60 authentic classic recipes from an undiscovered cuisine, shown step-by-step. Ancient Cambodia was a kingdom with an Indian culture, which then expanded into Burma and Vietnam, later becoming a territory claimed by both Vietnam and Siam. As a result, the Cambodian cuisine has Indian roots, with strong influences from both China and Vietnam.


Nyum Bai! A Cambodian Cookbook by Yvette Elliott and Loven Ramos

Nyum Bai’ will not only entice and inspire you with 31 of Cambodia’s finest recipes; it will take you on a brief journey into Cambodian culture and the stories and smiles behind the Green Gecko kids. With hundreds of sensational photos of the children and professionally presented gourmet delights, this book will enhance anyone’s culinary skills and has all the right ingredients for those who appreciate good food as well as the essence of giving.


Southeast Asian Food by Rosemary Brissenden

Classic and Modern Dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia...

The diversity of cooking styles and the delicious range of fresh ingredients are just two of the reasons for the allure of Southeast Asian cooking. With a selection of recipes showing the varieties and unique properties of each cuisine, from tangy Thai salads, satisfying Vietnamese soups, aromatic Indonesian curries and exquisite Malaysian sambals, Southeast Asian Food is the authoritative book on the subject.

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