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Some people dream of living in an exotic location, others just do it! Whether you're a business professional, teacher, or just looking for a working adventure in paradise, experience the expatriate life in the Kingdom of Wonder. Thinking of retiring soon? Why not retire in Cambodia? You will be surprised how far you can stretch your budget and enjoy your retirement to its fullest. Plenty of good information here from those who are already doing it.

Move to Cambodia by Lina Goldberg

The original and best-selling guide to moving to Cambodia. Updated with new information in May, 2013!

The idea of fleeing the rat race and escaping the economic doldrums by relocating abroad is nothing new. But Cambodia wasn't considered by any but the most adventurous--until now.


At Home on the Mekong by Will Koenig

Cambodia is more than just genocidal communists, sweatshops and decaying temples. There's a vibrant culture — both unchanged for centuries and at the cutting edge of modernity — and endless adventures.
When I was 22, I was bored with university and work and decided to seek adventure.


Expatriates' Strange Lives in Cambodia by Frédéric Amat

So who are they, these Western expats who spend their lives in developing countries where they possess many privileges but few, if any, rights? Despised and envied in equal measure in their native lands, are they high-minded professionals anxious to help the helpless? Or are they ruthless entrepreneurs with an eye on the main chance? Or are they dope and sex fiends who merely ended up on the special place on earth where their vices could be reliably and inexpensively serviced?


Experiencing Cambodia by Ray Zepp

Ray Zepp summarizes his 9 years of widely varying experiences in Cambodia since 1995: education, charity work, economics, working with the former Khmer Rouge, working with Buddhist monks and HIV/AIDS, and travel to all corners of "the Cambodia Less Traveled." His book has become required reading by several volunteer organizations for new recruits to Cambodia.


Off the Rails in Phnom Penh by Amit Gilboa

Phnom Penh is a city of beauty and degradation, tranquility and violence, and tradition and transformation; a city of temples and brothels, music and gunfire, and festivals and coups.
But for many, it is simply an anarchic celebration of insanity and indulgence. Whether it is the $2 wooden shack brothels, the marijuana-pizza restaurants, the AK-47 fireworks displays, or the intricate brutality of Cambodian politics, Phnom Penh never ceases to amaze and amuse.

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