Planning a trip to Cambodia? Why not learn some Khmer language? Makes a lot of sense to carry a phrasebook or dictionary. There are many available in Cambodian-English English-Cambodian. Also, many study courses available from beginners to advanced. Learn to read and write Khmer script. The locals will be impressed! Or maybe you're more interested in the origins of the Khmer language.

Cambodian Khmer by John Haiman

Cambodian is in many respects a typical Southeast Asian language, whose syntax at least on first acquaintance seems to approximate that of any SVO pidgin. On closer acquaintance, however, because of the richness of its idioms, the language seems to be a forbiddingly alien form of “Desesperanto” – a language of which one can read a page and understand every word individually, and have no inkling of what the page was all about.

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