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Coming Our Way in 2018

Merging of Rivers at Phnom Penh Riverfront
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Now that 2018 is in full swing, let's take a look at some of the new books about Cambodia that will be coming our way during the year ahead. Please note that the 'expected' release dates may change without notice. However, all books are available for pre-order from Amazon with a price guarantee. The list below is by no means complete as many more titles become available as the year progresses.

Let's get started.



Tropical Beach
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Time to Plan Your Trip to Cambodia

You know you’ve been meaning to, and you promised yourself a holiday around Christmas/New Year. So, why not Cambodia? In fact, December and January are the coolest months of the year and as such is the peak of the tourist season. So now is the time to plan your itinerary, budget and then make the bookings.

Where to start?


New Look and Feel for

A New Look and Feel For

One of the questions often asked by visitors and other new arrivals to Cambodia is, "Can you recommend any good books about Cambodia?"
That question was the trigger for the birth of this website over two and a half years ago. Since that time, BooksAboutCambodia has evolved and grown from a rather plain and simple website into the more mature site that you see today.

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