New Look and Feel for

A New Look and Feel For

One of the questions often asked by visitors and other new arrivals to Cambodia is, "Can you recommend any good books about Cambodia?"
That question was the trigger for the birth of this website over two and a half years ago. Since that time, BooksAboutCambodia has evolved and grown from a rather plain and simple website into the more mature site that you see today.

Recently we have incorporated a new design and layout to make site navigation easier, and to appeal to the ever growing hand-held friendly market.
We have improved security by upgrading to https, and upgraded to PHP 7, which I am assured will reduce page load times. We also have a Cookie Policy to satisfy EU regulations regarding storage of cookies on visitor's computers. Book pages are much better laid out, with more information, links to online vendors, links to related items (books) as well as other suggested reads.

Something for everybody. Some people are interested in History and Culture, ancient temples and carvings, while others want to cook Cambodian Cuisine, or learn Khmer language. With almost 300 titles available at the moment, and hundreds more being added there really is something for everyone. And, while eBooks are gaining more popularity nowadays, we also have books made from paper, which look much better on the book shelf than a Ebook Reader anyway.
If there is a particular book that you are looking for but can't find, drop us a message on our Contact page and we'll do our best to find what you want.

Anyway, back to the original question, Can I recommend any good books about Cambodia? Sure I can. If it's Cambodian history that you're interested in, then I would recommend A History of Cambodia by David Chandler. In fact, anything by David Chandler is highly recommended. If you're looking for a Khmer language starter, you can't go past Colloquial Cambodian by David Smyth or Tuttle Practical Cambodian Dictionary by Tran Kien and David Smyth. But don't stop there, there are plenty of other books of excellent quality to consider.

Please feel free to add a comment below, positive or negative, or report any technical problems that you encounter. Speaking of which, we now have Comments enabled. So, if you stumble upon a book that you've read, please add your thoughts about that book and/or give the book a rating.


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